Fashion is a specific style of clothing and human life, at a given time and place and at a certain context. The word means a style defined by the fashion industry when what is fashionable is what people are wearing. It also means something trend-setter in the world of fashion. There are many definitions, but the essence is to express a person’s individuality through their wardrobe choices, which reflect not only themselves, but their culture and other external forces. For example, the wearing of large, bold shoes by some women, while not deemed extremely fashionable by others, is actually an expression of their individuality and cultural pride.


Women’s Footwear: Fashionable fashion usually involves comfortable footwear and fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk. Many different styles and kinds of these fabrics are often used, to express different types of personalities, attitudes, or ideas. Some women prefer shoes with a more modern, open look, while others want to express their femininity through elegant, high-heeled shoes. In fact, many shoes today have evolved into more than just shoes, they are very much part of the women’s wardrobe, as well as any other pieces of clothing.

Sleeve Clothing: Another popular form of clothing that is frequently worn in clothing trends is sleeve clothing. The sleeve can be defined as top layer of any garment, but most often occurs on tops or cuffs of shirts, blouses, or t-shirts. Short sleeve or cap sleeve tops are often worn in colder weather, while long sleeve or sleeveless shirts are ideal for the warmer weather. Styles include V-neck, crew, V-neck, and many others. Other common sleeve dress styles include tank, camisole, shelf bra, spaghetti strap, and many others.

Fabric: A fabric can be any fabric, including cotton, polyester, wool, silk, nylon, and others. The popularity of various fabrics in fashion and clothes greatly varies. Silk and satin are very popular, whereas cotton, polyester, nylon, and polyester are often used in informal clothing. However, these fibers are also used in formal clothing, especially when used in dresses, skirts, pants, or suits.

Seam: A seam is a decorative feature on the inner or outside edge of any garment. It can be decorative such as zippers, buttons, or embroidery, or it can also be functional such as in stitching for pockets, snaps, lacing, seams, and closures. Most commonly, fashion apparel is made with a seam from the neckline to the wrist.

Fashion apparel usually comes in two different forms – one is formal attire and the other is semi-formal wear. Formal attire usually comes in three basic pieces: one piece dress-for-the-office style blouse, two piece necktie/belt, and one piece shirt/tie. Semi-formal attire is usually made up of one piece dress-for-the-room style top, two piece necktie/belt, and a vest or cardigan. Formal attire is often paired with a necktie to create the “butterfly” effect.