Underwear and Women’s Fashion

Despite what mother says, flashing your underwear for the paparazzi is still very fashionable, almost always has been, and always will be. In fact, the blending of sexy lingerie and outerwear with undergarments has been around for thousands of years with each successive generation bringing attention to a new fashion tendency that crosses the boundaries of what is acceptable and not. Lingerie is an essential part of the female wardrobe; not only does it look good and feel great, but it also provides support and shaping for the body. And when choosing womens underwear, you want to choose something that will accentuate your feminine curves while hiding the problem areas (if you have any) best. The most commonly shopped for underwear by women are:

The “Ladies of Leisure” collection by Christian Dior is possibly the most iconic lingerie item ever created by the House of Dior. The basic design of the “Ladies of Leisure” was inspired by a variety of different inspirations, most of which were inspired by France. Among the most popular colors this lingerie line includes colors such as purple, pink, light blue, nude, green, brown, and white. This ensemble is very versatile, which means you can wear it under jeans, khakis, or even over a dress. In addition to the basic design of the “Ladies of Leisure”, Christian Dior has also released more revealing ensembles that are equally comfortable and beautiful (the “Aurora” line).

It was in 1950 that panties were first introduced into the world of fashion by Charles “Peppered” Ward. The first panty was designed using panties that had been worn by members of the British Royal Air Force. Afterward, Ward’s obsession with the female anatomy and women’s underwear began to transform into an appreciation for all things feminine. The designs of Peppered Ward’s lingerie helped to pave the way for today’s fashion designers.

Another fashion designer who is responsible for the modern resurgence of the silk lingerie ensemble is Alfred Sung. While he was studying at the University of Paris, Sung developed his concept of silk cut gowns, which were first worn by nineteenth-century French queens. Many years later, Sung created silk chemises that would first be worn by Russian emperors and later by Russian women for evening parties. When he began designing silk lingerie in nineteen seventies, it was a reaction to the traditional corsets that had been worn by women throughout Europe since the sixteenth century. Through the years silk has become a popular material not only for lingerie but for all kinds of clothing and fashion accessories including pants suits, shirts, blazers, dresses, and suits for women.

Another great name in lingerie is Calvin Klein. A relative of Dior and Burberry, Calvin Klein created the very first women’s fashions in nineteen eighties with his line of “funky” clothing and underwear. This brand includes everything from bikinis to corsets to the ever popular “burlesque,” which is still popular today. Along with Calvin Klein, another one of the major players in the fashion world is Gertraud Breguet, whose creations include one of the first sexier swimwear lines for men. Other well known names in lingerie production are Dior, Burberry, Chanel, Fath, and Lacoste.

Not everyone chooses to wear underwear or other clothing featuring undergarments as a form of fashion. Many women still prefer to show their legs and arms in all their glory in the bedroom. Underwear for women, however, is now made available in many styles, colors, patterns, materials, and sizes. Many men are also now opting to wear briefs and boxers instead of pants or jeans during the day and a pair of sexy undies or corsets for nighttime wear. So don’t be left behind when it comes to sporting some skin tight clothing in both day and night.